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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Went for my 4th month check up at Dr.Toh's on Monday.
Signed the antenatal package with him and have decided to deliver at TMC.
Did Ultrascan, baby is growing well, backbone normal and the heartbeat is good.
Then til the part I anticipated so much!
Yes, the gender! Baby's legs were close initially..
After moving about a little, they opened up...!
And yes!! No.2 is a BOY. 90% accuracy.
I will wait til next mth's check up, for more obvious scan.
I was so touched. I couldnt stop smiling.
Thank God for fufilling my wish of an IDEAL family. =)

his wifey; her mummy <3
11:44 PM


Just learnt how to use wLAN with my hp. I'm very sua ku de. Lols. But i have some qns. How do i log in my msn acc with my hp? How to i download msn program onto my hp? Pls teach this mountain turtle here. Thanks!

Good Nites. =)

his wifey; her mummy <3
12:05 AM

Sunday, December 28, 2008

As mentioned, my new blog will be published on my birthday.

Dear friends, please relink me at

his wifey; her mummy <3
12:10 AM

Friday, December 26, 2008

Had a long day today.

Woken up by Hubby's cousin call. Headed down to Orchard at noon. Wanted to have lunch at Wisma's food court but the crowd was scary! There was no table to fit 13 of us. So we decided to go back to Takashimaya to get finger food to fill our stomachs first. It was tough going out in one big group, especially to town. Many people, many suggestions. We got to wait for one another, search for one another, etc. But the main thing is, it was fun. :) Hubby's relatives went over Coach, I don't like that brand, so I went over to Gucci to look at the bag. But disappointingly, it wasn't as nice as it seems to be. I saw one pretty handbag but it cost over 1K which I think I rather get a LV one instead. Headed over Mango to look for XY, bought a spaghetti top there. Cabbed over to Marina Square for Yuki Yaki after math. Reserved 3 tables to fit us all comfortably. We were so full that we skipped the ice cream part. Headed home after math while the others went JP for more shopping. Hubby and I were too tired to continue.

Chatted with Precious Yings on the phone after watching The Little Nonya. Again, it was almost an hour. She is indeed my bestie, she said if she got her money, she will throw a BIG party for me. But thanks sis, I appreciate your thoughts. No BIG plans for my birthday. Hubby and I decided to spend it within our lil Chua family. Decided on a simple dinner and shopping. Simple right? But I think it's enough celebrating with my dearest Hubby and precious Keida. Oh ya, I'm thinking of publishing my new blog on the 28th this month. It can share the same birthday with me! Hees. But I won't be deleting my old blog as I want the memories to stay. My favourite HK drama is starting soon. I gonna go watch it. Take cares~! =)

his wifey; her mummy <3
11:30 PM

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Cabbed down to pick up the car this morning. It was really well done and flawless. I'm happy with their work and will definitely patronise them again. CHOY! I went alone as Hubby stayed up whole of last night playing PSP. Went over to JW market to buy some stuffs. Bought lunch for Hubby and myself then headed home. Hubby was helping MIL with the biscuits when I reached home. Such a good boy. Hees. These few days have been having short walks with Hubby at night. Went supper together and chatted about the past. If only, we have no tiffs, it will be perfect. But I understand that tiffs and quarrels makes us know each other better.

Time really flies! It's xmas again. Last year's xmas Hubby and I were staying at home watching TV programmes bcos my tummy was quite big so we avoided crowded areas. Today, Hubby and I headed to Keong Saik Rd with BIL and friends to have a drink. When we reached, I saw Yingmei and waved to her. I wanted to go over to the pub they are working for a chat with them but Hubby wanted to go elsewhere. So sad, I thought I could spend some time with my dear girls. Hubby and I decided to take a walk at Singapore River but it started to rain again. We missed Keida so much, so we drove home to fetch MIL and Keida.

Changed out of my dress then drove to JP for midnight shopping with Hubby's relatives. Supper-ed at EAT. It is a 24hr cafe, but I don't think the food is yummy at all. I would rather eat at the Kopitiam. Although Xmas is very simple for me this year. But I'm glad enough to have Keida and Hubby by my side. That's most important for a married woman right? Hees. Oh ya, camwhored the whole night like a silly woman. LOLs. I just love taking pictures!! =D Just did some final editing to my new blog's layout. I really love it so much that I can't wait to publish it out. Let the pictures do the talking now. Hubby wants me to go to bed now.

With my precious darling again. I'm glad she doesn't have my eyes.Look at how happy she was to see us back home.So many finger prints on my PSP!Hubby and I don't have to snatch over them anymore.I just love RED!Kiss the mushroom!!I really miss our BIG DAY.Fav picture of the day.Not forgetting to reminise our dating days.See my baby face? Hees.

his wifey; her mummy <3
1:45 AM

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saw this Gucci bag at Serene's blog and I really like it alot. Hopefully I can get it for my birthday. I started to like Gucci more. LOLs. Wonder if there is any other colours like gold or pink. Shall pop down one day to see it. A BIG thank you to those who consoled me. Will be expecting the car to return tmrw evening. The lesson is indeed an expensive one. Have been spending hours on revamping my blog. Plan to use the new blog layout start of 2009. But I'm still figuring out how to move my old entries to my new blog. Anyone can help, do PM me. Oh ya, received a few calls on the CNY biscuits. Do PM me for more info. Thanks to Julia who didn't even sample them, before ordering. She knows my MIL's skills ok. Haha. Tmrw is Xmas eve. No plans, no invitations. Ya laa, I'm 'auntie' liao laa. Nobody wants me to party along. Kekes.. I haven't buy my CNY clothes. Keida got a few already but I want to buy her more. Wait til it's nearer to CNY as she is growing bigger everyday. I miss shopping! =)

his wifey; her mummy <3
5:30 PM

Monday, December 22, 2008

Woke up early today. Yawns. Again, slept for only a few hours. Other than during pregnancy, I don't like having naps in the afternoons as I think sleeping away is a waste of time. Sent the car to the garage this morning. After the negotiations and checking of the car, the repairs cost SGD$800. Hais, a big burnt in my pocket. But I have to pay for my responsibilty. It's a sad thing that nobody offered to share the cost. Miserable, isn't it? Bad life. But nvm, loss in the pocket might bring disasters away. A chinese saying. Tmrw is Tuesday. Meeting my friends tmrw for an advanced birthday celebration, but still no confirmations yet. -.-" Anyway, I look forward to seeing them. =) Gotta go help Keida bathe liao. Blog again the next time.

his wifey; her mummy <3
4:45 PM